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Various Videos of the Viggen
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Dyno 12-12-04 340hp 400ftlbs! Nordic sw

2665.avi 4.7mb
2666.avi 4.8mb
2667.avi 2.5mb
2668.avi 9.8mb
2669.avi 8.1mb

Acceleratio with stage 3+ Nordic
3rd-gear.avi 1.7mb
4th-gear.avi 1.9mb


Autocross May 09 2004

Run1 Small file 1.56mb.wmv

Run1 5.2mb.wmv

Run2 Small file 1.31mb.wmv

Run2 4.35mb.wmv

Run3 Small file 1.45mb.wmv

Run3 4.82mb.wmv

Placed first in class DSP :) Still need to find where my Quaife LSD has gone...

right click and "save as"

Just a few. I will post more as time permits. Nick Taliaferro...

dyno exh.wmv good 1.5mb

dynofront.wmv good 797kb



mvi1569.avi good 8mb



Closed Road.wmv

Autocross oct .avi

Autocross sept.avi

NEW More dyno.1727.avi 10.3mb

.:· No, Really! More boost will surely cure my traction problems.
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